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Bacon Academy

With every purchase of the Bacon Bobcat Burger, $1.50 went directly to Bacon Academy sports in Colchester. These funds purchased golf balls for the golf team, warm-ups for boys’ and girls’ sports teams, fixed the scoreboard at the baseball and softball field, and purchased a new sound system for the football field. Additionally, we sponsored the Bacon Academy girls’ dance team—enabling them to compete statewide. We donated money to the Bacon Academy robotics team—giving them the chance to compete nationally at MIT. After Covid-19 hit, the Lion’s Club carnival on the town green was canceled. The Lion’s Club lost over $25,000 in fundraising capital. The Inishmor sold fried dough for weeks and donated 100% of the sales to the club–totaling more than $700.

Making A Difference

We donate money to the local daycare co-ops for painting and playground needs. Lastly, we have donated over $6000 to various Veterans organizations, including $2300 to Homes for Heroes whose focus is building homes for homeless Vets. Together, we have made a profound difference in our community through a mutual love for good food and drink. When you are here, you are helping us make an impact.